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Luma Key

Luma Key logo

Logo created in 2019 for Luma Key, a film production company started by Alex Jorgensen, director of Truther Or: I Am Not a Conspiracy Theorist.

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Maysville Brewing Company

Maysville Brewing Co. logo

This logo began with a different name and went through several revisions. The final logo included 2 versions, a basic for common usage, and an expanded, more pictorial graphic for special usage.

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Brown & Clermont Adult Career Campuses

Brown & Clermont Adult Career Campus logo

Branding and logo design created in 2019 to establish a new brand for the merger of two Southern Ohio secondary education career-focused programs. The process involved name and tagline development, primary logo and color scheme for course divisions.

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Julie Kessler LLP

Julie Kessler LLP logo

This project began in 2015 under an earlier business name. It has undergone several revisions and has been adapted to reflect the business’s current name. Revised in 2020.

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